Take your horse’s training to the next level with Etalon's Performance Package! Our cutting-edge DNA analysis provides a deeper understanding of performance-related traits, including temperament, speed, and gait. Test with Etalon today, and give your horse the competitive advantage it deserves.

Deep Dive into Genetic Insights.
Our DNA panels provide precise analysis of key traits, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your horse's genetic composition. Identify potential health risks, reveal coat variations, and access performance-related markers with unparalleled accuracy.

Fast, Easy, and Simple.
A simple hair sample is all we need: all the genetic data is found in the root of the hair! Simply pull 40 hairs, mail them in, and you'll receive your horses unique results within 6-8 weeks after the sample is received by our lab.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips.
Access your horse's DNA test results easily through our user-friendly online platform. Get clear and actionable insights to guide your decision-making process. Harness the power of equine genetics with convenience and confidence.